Top Loading Wood Boilers That Are Easy To Load

Large Top Loading Wood Boiler!

Load with your back hoe or front-end loader!
Load from the side safely by hand!

To inquire about the Outdoor Top Loader Wood Furnaces, please call Randy @ 608-399-4847.
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Load it with even MORE logs for even longer burn times!

Don’t load your top load wood boiler multiple times per day as you do with traditional wood stoves.

All types of fuel can be used to create hot water (heat) such as stumps, wood chips, brush, wood by product, wood pellets and of course full-round logs.

The Log B – up to 100,000sq


10’L x 4’W x 6’D FIREBOX – 3/8″ THICK

Weight = 12,500lb
Water Capacity = 1,143gal
Overall height = 17′
Overall width = 9′
Overall length = 13′
Hinges = 1″
Voltage = 220 single phase
Control screen = Cat 5
Auto fill = 16/2
Supplies = 4-2″
Returns 4-2″
Chimney = Water jacketed
Burn modes = Auto/hand

Hydraulics lid and auger
Controlled exhaust gas temp

BTU =  over 1 million!

The easiest way to burn wood.
Just drive up, push the remote button and load
HEAT UP TO 100,000 sq ft of insulated space!


The Log H – 24,000sq


10 feet x 3 feet FIREBOX – 5/16″ THICK
8 feet x 2 feet – DOOR OPENING

Weight = 6,000lb
Water Capacity = 700gal
Width = 84″, Length = 168″, Height = 105″
Water Jacket = 3/16″ THICK
Chimney = 8″
Loading door = Radio
Ash motor = Remote
Blower = Exhaust gas drive
Water level = Auto fill
Supplies = 4
Returns = 1
Insulation 2″ foam
BTU = up to 1 million

NCB-400-TL – 11,858sq

only $10,900


Water Capacity: 278 gallons.
Internal Firebox Area: 56 square feet.
Estimated average BTU output: 400,000 BTU.
Removable Ash Pan.
Slide Out Heavy Duty Steel Grates.
Large fuel Door: 4ft. 11in. wide & 2ft. deep.
Firebox is 4ft. 11in. wide, 3ft. 11in. deep and 1/4″ thick.
Water Jacket Fully Encompasses Firebox. (except for where the door is)
8.4 feet long, 6.2 feet wide, 7 feet tall.
Empty weight: ~3,600 lbs.
Hinged Lid With Lift Helping Hydro-pistons.

Save Money! Logs can cost up to 2/3 less than split wood and burns more efficiently due to size.

Less work! No need to cut and split wood, just put whole logs in and close the lid.

Heat very large buildings such as: Greenhouses, Barns, Drive sheds, commercial buildings and your home and domestic hot water.

Load your top loading wood boiler with machinery such as tractors and fork lifts or Load from the side safely by hand!

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