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Shaver, Building the Best Outdoor Wood Furnace for 40+ Years

20-YEAR On-Site Warranty!

Top loading wood burning Hydronic stove


Chest design; Log Burner

Load with your backhoe, front-end loader or other machinery!

Load it with even MORE logs for even longer burn times in your log burner!

Don’t load your log burner furnace multiple times per day as you do with traditional wood stoves.

All types of fuel can be used to create hot water (heat) such as stumps, wood chips, brush, wood by-product, pelletized wood and of course, almost 6 foot long logs!

This product is manufactured in Arkansas but made for the Great White North.

Our Base Model – The 316 – heats up to 7,710sq for only $9,264

4’L x 3’W x 3’H FIRE BOX – 1/2″ THICK

Weight = 4,700lb
Water Capacity
Gallons in bottom, =147
Gallons in top, =169
Total gallons = 316
Firebox Capacity: 36 cubic feet
BTU: 308,416

Be sure to visit the Top Loaders tab on the menu to find out about all of our top loading log burners, including the Model 1350 STUMP BURNER!


Check out our ThermoWind video below:

Our Base ThermoWind 1000 is rated to heat up to 3500 sq. ft.

Shaver Outdoor Forced-Air Wood Burning Furnace

for only $4397

If you want to find out more about our ThermoWind units, click the link above or go up to the top of the page and click on Forced Air Furnaces in the menu bar.

STOP!  You’ve found the BEST!

NO ONE ELSE has a firebox that is 1/2″ thick!


Most are only .125″ – .1875″

We have an optional firebox that is almost 1/2″ thick for only $175! (water furnaces only)

Our closest competitor is only 1/4″ thick.

We’re 87% thicker!

Outside Wood Burning Stove


We Build the
Finest Wood Burning
Furnace Made!

…for 40+ Years!

Outside Wood Burning Furnace

Our outdoor wood furnaces come in 20 exciting colors plus Galvalume!

…and over 8000 exciting combinations!


All IN, NH, NY, MD, ME, PA, OR, VT, WA wood burning furnaces MUST be EPA approved now.

Coal Furnaces may be able to be sold in PA, IN, NH, VT and ME; you may be able to purchase a coal furnace that does not have to be EPA approved, like in PA.


Thermowind Furnaces are permitted in Indiana and may be permitted in other states.

We will have a new EPA approved stove SOON!


Shaver Wood Furnace World Exclusive Rust Chemicals

A BETTER water treatment!

The Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace…

provides hot water to work in conjunction with your existing forced air, boiler or radiant system as well as providing domestic hot water plus heating for spas, hot tubs and pools PLUS driveways and sidewalks!  Our systems tie in easily to virtually any system; floor heating, forced air, boilers, water radiators and more

Even if you don’t have an existing system, we can make it work for you!

An outdoor wood furnace is a wood burning furnace that sits outdoors – keeping the mess, smoke and bugs outside.  The furnace looks much like a small utility building.  It is a wood fired, water-jacketed stove.

The hot water is circulated through underground pipes to the inside of the house, where they are hooked to a heat exchanger in a majority of cases.  It is also directly plumbed to the hot water heater, eliminating the need for a $200 side-arm heat exchanger for that purpose.  It can also be tied in with an existing hydronic floor heating system or boiler.

Heating with an outdoor wood furnace has never been easier.  Instead of moving the wood and corresponding mess and bugs indoors, the wood burning furnace is outdoors – next to the wood.

Load it once at night and once in the morning and you’re done!  Don’t believe the stories about wood burning 96 hours!

Indoor air pollution is cut to zero by moving the fire and smoke outside, which is vital for people with asthma, kids and the elderly.  However, everyone can benefit from not breathing all of that smoke and particulates!  Your walls and furniture will stay smoke-free and cleaner too.

Simple, clean and efficient, one furnace can heat your house and garage and a shop, spa, swimming pool, hot tub, greenhouse, etc*

NOW comes with an improved rear door latch and an adjustable front door latch plus a fitting standard, for a dry-well (for a probe) or thermometer and a neater, better seal around the chimney PLUS the automatic damper on our fan and a chimney cap!

Building a Superior Outside Wood Burning Furnace Since 1972

20-Year On-Site Warranty!

5-Year On-Site 100% PAID!

Parts AND Labor!

Read about our Great On-Site Warranty Here!

It’s the BEST in the industry!

Most warranties only cover parts and also require that you ship the furnace back to them at your expense! (It’s easy to ship you a piece of metal and tell you to weld it in or make you pay for shipping it back).

Our warranty covers

Parts AND Labor for


(not on the pump, fan and thermostat)

Find out why we DON’T use stainless steel and why it’s a marketing gimmick designed to separate you from your money!

WHY use Boiler Plate?

Shaver wood furnace Logo

Coal Burning Furnaces
Check them out HERE.

These are specially designed with shaker grates to make coal burning easy and economical.

FIVE WOOD BURNING FURNACE SIZES for up to 8,000 square feet or more!

FOUR COAL FURNACES for up to 8,000 square feet!

Buy one NOW from $5,177 (140 model) including a pump and built-in heat exchanger for your domestic hot water –
Wood Burning Furnace PRICES HERE

Our WOOD BURNING FURNACES have stood the test of time.

Many SHAVER Furnaces are still in use today after over 25 years of putting out the heat efficiently and safely.

SHAVER Outdoor Wood Furnaces are WELL BUILT to save you money by producing heat effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.

Stop Paying those Big Oil & Gas Bills!
Keep the smoke, ashes and dirt outside!
Enjoy Nice Warm Wood Burning for a change.
Choose a Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace Today!
Building Quality Wood Furnaces since 1972

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